Volunteer with Tusen Tack Programs

Join us in our efforts to serve East Central Minnesota

Tusen Tack Programs are operated mostly by volunteers and we welcome new volunteers. Here are some ways in which you could help out:

  • The Braham Event Center operated by Tusen Tack, Inc. a 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in Braham, MN for weddings, events, expos, celebrations and conventions serving Cambride, Mora, Pine City, Rush City and the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.Thrift store cashiering
  • Thrift store donation sorting
  • Event center office help, including projects that can be done from home
  • Event center cooking and kitchen assistance
  • Event center serving and bussing tables
  • Event Center event set-up
  • Thrift store and event center cleaning and maintence
  • Event Center IT assistance
  • Alice Studt Library projects
  • Join us as a Tusen Tack Programs Committee member, divided into specialties, meeting once a month

To volunteer, you can fill out a form at the thrift store or event center or fill out an online form.


Tusen Tack Programs Volunteer Application

What areas are you most interested in volunteering?

Consider joining one of the following committees and help us to reach our goals to continue to improve our service to the community!

Terms and Conditions

I understand that by submitting this form the information that I have supplied is true and accurate and that I am 16 years of age of older.

Profits are paid forward to support the community.
Tusen Tack Programs is an equal opportunity provider and employer. This is a non-paid position.


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