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Tusen Tack Programs 2021 Community Impact Statement

Reflecting on our Foundation & Looking to the Future

As we reflect on the progress and opportunities in our Tusen Tack Programs during 2021, we also reflect with gratitude on our founding volunteers, and their wisdom and experience in developing and sustaining programs that have supported our community for more than 32 years. Tusen Tack has evolved and added to its local impact time over time, by overcoming hurdles and identifying new ways to serve. We are thankful for the founding vision that gave that journey its start, and for the hard work that has continued to sustain and renew that vision over time.

And that journey continues! As you read through our 2021 Community Impact Statement, we welcome your ideas for potential future projects and relationships to build on our services to our community. What needs are not currently being met that we can assist with? We welcome you to help shape our future!

Click below to view our 2021 Community Impact Statement. We welcome feedback on new ways to support our community.


Tusen Tack Programs 2021 Community Impact Report

Tusen Tack Programs 2020 Community Impact Report

Tusen Tack Programs 2020 Community Impact Report
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