Tusen Tack Programs

Board of Directors, Committees, and Staff

A Message from the President of the Board:

We are moving forward in 2020 certainly not without any challenges. In March, the Governor issued a Stay At Home Order which created a halt to our operations at the Thrift Store and Event Center. COVID-19 and its safety precautions seem to have taken over and rightfully so. This virus has so many unknowns and created so many deaths that we all need to step back and listen. The food shelf has taken the necessary steps to stay safe and continues to serve the people of our community. I am so grateful they are moving forward in this situation. 

We have an excellent Board of Directors and Finance Committee to lead us in the COVID-19 fight. We continue to strategize and be creative in our financial situation. We have an amazing group of volunteers that have been attentive to our needs and we continue to keep them updated. We have very capable staff on board to keep our operations going. They are dedicated to our organization and our mission. 

I am thankful for all of our volunteers and staff for stepping up to do their part in this fight. We continue to stay on top of the Governor's Executive orders and what they mean to us. We are finding creative ways to generate income while our doors are not open. We are a strong organization and we will get through this.

We do know that we may need to make some adjustments once we are back to being in full operations. We will learn and grow from this experience and that is what makes us stronger. Stay tuned as we focus on 2020 and getting through these uncertain times. We have and will continue to establish some financial campaigns to help. We have and will continue to maintain and grow our volunteer base. We have and will continue to communicate to our stakeholders. If you are interested in joining us in this fight in any way, please contact Kelly at 320-396-3177.


  • Becky Turnquist, President
  • Marie Meyer, Vice President
  • Edie Kaunonen, Secretary
  • Darryl Kukowski, Treasurer
  • Marie Grundberg, Past President
  • Dorothy Johnson, Finance Manager
  • Janice Neville, Member
  • Terry Lind, Member
  • Joy Maki, Member
  • Dixie Randall, Member
  • Pat Thiry, Member
  • Greg Korstad, Member


  • Kelly Nelson
  • Courtney Cadwell
  • Steve Douse


  • Darryl Kukowski, Thrift Store
  • Dorothy Johnson, Event Center
  • Arlene Asleson, Food Shelf
  • Dixie Randall, Library, Arts & Culture
  • Louise Nelson & Patty Lind, Development
  • Terry Turnquist, Facilities
  • Kelly Nelson, Marketing & Communications
  • Leona Dressel, Volunteer
  • Kelly Nelson, Youth Development
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